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Vladislav Shirobokov

Huuuge Games: Senior VFX, Motion and Video designer, 2D/3D Animation at Huuuge Games

Graduated from:

Компьютерная Графика и Дизайн

In which company are you working now? What is your position?


I am currently working for Huuuge Games, a Polish game development company, as a Senior VFX, Motion & Video designer, 2D/3D Animation.

On the basis of our team, the company opened a Representative Office in Kyiv. Previously, I worked at the IT company ZEO Alliance as a Motion Designer and VFX, as a video designer at New Channel, and participated in various freelance projects.


What are your responsibilities?


At Huuuge Games I create animation and special effects for the game. I also develop teasers and trailers for advertising, namely, editing, design, post-production of image videos and sales videos for our game.


Tell us about the brightest project you are proud of.


The brightest and most successful project is the game that our team at Huuuge Games has been working on for a year. In 2020, it was launched internationally. The largest projects I had were in ZEO Alliance, a company that created its own IT products. There I worked for 3 years on a large-scale project, where I got the opportunity to realize myself to the fullest in the field of game development. More details can be found here:


What role did IT Step Academy play in your life?


With the support of the teachers and the director of the branch, I became a finalist of the ImagineCup 2011 competition from Microsoft, which was held in New York, in the category "DIGITAL MEDIA". In the process of studying I used the opportunity to try myself in a competitive environment. The Academy has always supported the initiative of students. In addition to classes, we had many internal competitions among students. The Golden Byte Championship was held annually, where I took part and won prizes.


What advice can you give to students who are currently studying at the Academy?


Do not limit yourself only to what is given in classes. Be interested in services, websites, platforms where you can view a lot of visual material to develop your taste. Use all the opportunities that the Academy provides for implementation: take part in competitions, perform additional tasks - this will help you stand out from other students and start a career as a professional designer.