What is the power of STEP IT Academy

The principles of the Academy help to produce specialists who are ready to go to work immediately after graduation


Even more practice

At the core of any STEP IT Academy program - 2.5 years, annual or three-month - 70% of the practice and mandatory thesis. This is important because the future IT specialist must communicate with the employer in his language - successful projects and related business indicators.

STEP IT Academy — this is not a note in the resume, it's a ticket to the profession.


Only actual programs

There are no constants in the IT world. Everything is changing: technology, tools, approaches to work. We make sure that the program is updated from release to release. Every year we add new formats and consult with the best IT companies in order to understand what knowledge new professionals lack..

The result is programs with no weak points, with detailed study.


Atmosphere of zeal and mutual aid

In the STEP IT Academy we maintain an atmosphere of zeal and mutual assistance. Students team up to cope with challenging tasks, and teachers make it so that the process does not turn into a routine and remains interesting.

Each student sees the goal, knows about the obstacles and knows how to overcome them.

Our goal

The goal of STEP IT Academy is quality education after which colleagues perceive graduate as a professional, ready to work.

Forms of education

We know that you have other things besides learning. In order not to have to cut out the time and constantly rush somewhere, we made a schedule that adjusts to you. For example, if you do not have time to study with an evening group, go to class during the day or choose individual courses with your own schedule.

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Motivation and help

MyStat system

To track progress, help in difficult moments and motivate students, we use the MyStat system. This is a personal account on a site where there is a schedule of classes, a scale of success in subjects and an internal store with an exchange of points for prizes.

Comfortable learning environment

To study at the STEP IT Academy, you just need to come to class. You do not need pens, notebooks, textbooks and even a computer. We ourselves compile teaching materials, install new computers in classrooms and send lecture notes to the post office.

Practice teachers

We are looking for and invite to work people with teaching experience from 5 years. This is important because only a professional teacher will help students with different levels of knowledge to become a strong specialist.

Our approach

In the STEP IT Academy, each student goes up the “knowledge - ability - skills - competences” ladder.

Our approach


This is what a student gets at lectures in the form of notes and teaching materials.

Skills and abilities

it's knowledge, which the student fixes on homework and coursework.


These are skills and abilities brought to automatism.