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Vladislav Korenkov

Senior Front End Developer, Scrum Master at Chama The App, Amsterdam: Software Development

Graduated from:

Разработка Программного Обеспечения

What company do you work for now?

Chama The App, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a Senior Front End Developer, Scrum Master.

The company is a Dutch startup that develops an online platform for selling gas to users.


What are your responsibilities?

I participate in the development of a web application for managing and controlling sales, develop architectural solutions for various web applications of the company, supervise other front-end developers, and I am also a scrum master of the company - I follow the development process in the team.


What projects have you participated in?

Throughout my career, I have participated in many projects while working at AB Soft, Luxoft in Ukraine and abroad in Dutch IT companies.

You can read the story here:


Tell us about the most difficult and successful project you are proud of?

I had two such projects, both during my work at AB Soft in Odesa: Ring Central Softphone and Ring Central Glip.

These were projects on writing applications for business communications with a focus on telephony.

The projects were complex, rich in business logic, with a rich user interface and rather low-level solutions, from audio codecs to support for various devices. Ring Central Glip is notable for the fact that we implemented a full-fledged telephony with a small number of corporate functions in a web application written in JavaScript.


What role did IT Step Academy play in your life?

Studying at the Academy determined my choice of profession. In the process of studying I was very enthusiastic and realized that I want to be a programmer.


What can you advise students who are currently studying at IT Step Academy?

Programming is not just a profession, it is a lifestyle. Learning requires quite a lot of time investment in self-education and practice. Learning should not be limited to attending classes and should include independent research and practice.

Do not forget about the social aspect, because now projects are created not by individuals, but by teams, so communication and teamwork skills are very important now. Also, you should not ignore it in the process of your professional development.


It is quite a hard work, but on the other hand, it can bring you a lot of pleasure and joy from everyday work, and this is quite a valuable bonus and is not found in every profession.